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I have finally done it!

This year I've made a personal bucket list and I've finally ticked one item off that not short nor long list!

I am finally a certified Open Water diver! I couldn't be any more happier. Finally I've achieved a new milestone in life. 

I've always loved the ocean and its creatures. They never seem to stop keeping me amazed by their wonders. Back then I used to only see them from above, at the surface of the water. But now I'm able to view them up close and swim in the depths of the big blue world!

There were some challenges and fears I had to face to get my certification but I managed to suck up and pull through. A big thank you to my dive buddy who joined me in getting the certification as well. "No regrets at all", is what she said after our last dive. 

Looking forward to many more dives to come and hopefully to upgrade myself as well!


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