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From "Pause" to "End"

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So from "Pause" to "End". Yup that's the story thus far. 

Received a text that saying things should end with no meet ups or perhaps even a talk initiated. I guess that's how thing are these days. Everything is just via text and no face to face conversation. 

Oh well. Am I disappointed and sad? Of course I am but if a person makes a decision as such, I won't try to flip it back. Why? I don't know. I'm just do I put it? I'm not sure. Anyways, I wish all the best. If its meant to be it's meant to be just like that Bebe Rexha song you know. It will be.

On a side note, since I got back from my diving trip I've not been feeling great and finally it has hit me. The flu bug with cough. 

Yesterday was the worst but with some improvements today. Hope I'll be able to fully cure by next week. 


  1. what do you expect out from the other side? that's how things have been handled, so I don't think it will change when the ending is brought upon *hug hug* let's go driiiinnnknkkkkkkk, it's not fasting month anymore haha

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  3. aiyo. this NOT A ROBOT verification thing is cray. lol. (but i am a robot! i am!) hang in there. you know you're not the only one. i really feel, though like i'm sam smith— i've just become too good at goodbyes. can't decide if that's better or worse.


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