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Back again

Suddenly had the urge to writing something here again.

The past month has been quite good. I've had folks coming up and asking how I am and stuff, honestly thank you very much for the support. Actually nothing major happened. Just the usual ups and downs of trying to be in a relationship but then again nothing really happens cause those kind of shit is just meh.

I'm kind of enjoying my time at the moment. I get to gym longer, do my own stuff, laze at home, go out for coffee, do things without having any concern of offending or managing another person's feeling or time.

What have I been up to? Well not much or shall I say, I prefer not to share it here or any other place. Why? Because some people tend to say stuff which I do get offended. Some folks just have nothing nice to say but ridicule. But I'm planning for my dive trip in September. Hope all goes well.

Owh these days I do get irritated by spoiled brats. Hey, you've grown up with a silver spoon in your freaking mouth, car paid by parents, spend beyond what you earn, yet you're just a freaking pain in the ass. Just get a life would you?

Anyway, till my next update.


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