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Counting down the days

I really hate mid week public holidays. It just makes me so bloody lazy and sets the wrong mood for work. Tell me you hate it too?

Work has been quite okay lately and I'm kind of loving it at the moment, but, at times I do wish I could feel more contented with what I'm currently doing. I wish I could do more and feel like I've achieved something. However that aside, I'm just hoping something good will come soon. I'm not really putting my hopes like way up there yet till I get some solid news. Crossing fingers and hoping for he best, for now.

Six more days to go before I fly-off for a short trip. This time it's a personal trip with personal reasons. No friends, no colleagues but just me and myself. As I count down the days for this, I have been asking some questions to myself.

Where am I flying to? Well just some where nearby

Am I expecting something out of this trip? I certainly am. I would be lying if I said no.

Could this be one of the most serious stuff you've done this year? Yes, it certainly is.

Why none of your friends joining? It's a private trip

Does any of your friend know where you're going? Only one

Why is it that only one friend knows? I don't intend to tell the whole world where I'm going nor what I'm doing for whatever reasons I may have. I just feel its time for me to keep certain things private.

I guess its time for me to try something different and take a leap of faith. Who knows it might be better for me in many ways. I've dropped lots of other stuff and to just focus on this.

We'll just see how it goes. Hopefully there's something to look for in the coming months after this.


  1. wahhh, so cryptic! enjoy yourself and be safe whatever it is you'll be doing, where ever it is you'll go. x

    1. Hahaha! Thank you! I'm hoping the best for you too :)

  2. I often feel the same way. I need a trip too! Oh, I just had one. Ok, another

    1. It is never a bad idea for another trip :)

  3. I enjoy traveling by myself most of the time. Expecting the unexpected... A great experience to interact with people :)

    1. That's true. Plus you get to look at things differently during trips.


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