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Work travels + Life

So I'm starting back some of my work travels. I do love to do work travels but it can be quite tiring.

What have I been doing lately?

Well, back in July I went for a 5 days vacation to an island and it was honestly a fun trip although there were some minor ups and downs. The bad side about the trip was, I actually spent more than what I allocated for, but all this were mainly contributed by me spending too much on drinks. For four nights I spent a chunk of my funds on drinks in the bar. What a waste no? Made new friends during this trip mainly at the bar but it was good. It doesn't happen every day right?

Anyway back to work, yea I've been traveling again. All travels are just within the country and not outside so its still good. But back to back travels are very tiring. Every since I got back from my trip I flew to Sibu, Kuching and now Penang. Every week I've been traveling. Fun? Yes. Tiring? Extremely.

At this very moment, all I want is to just have some good rest and sleep for few hours. Even talking to my colleague I've just lost some mood to do so. I want to sleep!

For now I'm just waiting for month end to come soon. It'll be another short trip to somewhere. Hope it would be a memorable one too. Counting down the days to it.

Lately I've been having lots of mix emotions and feelings in me which is making me very worked up. I also tend to isolate myself more now compared to last time. Not sure what's happening to me.


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