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Last weekend

This post was written on Monday but only posted it today. 

The weekend just went by and ended too fast. The thought of me at the train station on that warm Thursday night still lingers freshly in my mind. Never have I thought that I would be in this state of body and mind. Never have I thought I would be in a situation which I have almost given up on.
All I ever wish now is for this state of mind I am in to stay for as long as possible and may all odds be against me.

As I am typing this post, I am currently in a plane back to the big city. 30 minutes in the air and the plane has been shaking up down and side ways on and off due to the wind and clouds out there. I am currently seated in seat 25E sandwiched between two ladies with one not having her pre-purchased meal. Maybe she is not hungry? I wouldn’t know.

I guess I would be flying very much more often to the city I was in the past 5 days. Maybe on average twice a month I would be flying from now on if time permits me to do so. It is an effort I am willing to make. Every effort I put in means I do have hope and I wish hope would never leave me. I am hoping and wanting to ensure everything will be okay and work out fine in the end.

While I am still typing this post, Adele’s 25 is playing through my earphones. A lyric from one of her song, “I will be your remedy” suddenly hits me deep inside. Fills me with sadness that I have to leave but I do know it is only for awhile as I will be back. I have made a promise and I very much intend to keep it.

Till my next trip, which I can’t wait for, life shall go on and so does time. Time to restart my countdown clock till that day arrives.


  1. Is that why the coding went haywired? hahaha

    Well if those give you hope, then hold on to it and keep it going. Hopefully it's all for the best for you then :DD

  2. i like posts like these. (write more. x)


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