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On the verge of loosing my mind

As the title states it, I am on the verge of loosing my mind with some people in the company or should I say with an individual in the company.

Everyday, every person I bumped into will surely ask me how am I and how I'm coping with things. I'm genuinely touched by the thought they have for me. It's certainly nice to know that people realise who's actually getting things done around here and not just sitting around like a royalty waiting to be fed.

That aside, I'm just hoping things will turn for the good. Perhaps a promotion doesn't sound that bad no? Hahaha.

Oh well. We're just around two months plus away from Christmas and the New Year. Speaking of which it has been two years since that 'period of time' which I shall not speak of here.

So yesterday while I was having dinner with mum and dad at a restaurant we visited before, we were talking about when was my first time there and etc. when dad suddenly mentioned a name which caught me off guard. I…

Why did I return?

Wow! It has been a year since I've returned to my current employer. Since coming back, I'm still being asked - 'Why did I return to this place?'

Honestly speaking I have no idea why did I choose to return. I guess I do, but I can't really put my mind to it and give a solid reason as to why.

However all I can say is, since being back, my life has been non-existence. Why do I say such?

Lets start off with time -

On a daily basis, I've been spending most of my time in office from 10am to at least 10pm the least. My life revolves around a laptop, a desk, a chair and perhaps some coffee.

Lost touch with friends - 

I've not been meeting any of my friends lately. I do get texts from many but I've yet to reply or sometimes, I just disappear. Why? The first question that comes from them are - 'When are we catching up?'. To be honest, I would love to catch up but in the end I would have to cancel it due to my work. Do I want to give fake promises and upset…