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Why did I return?

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Wow! It has been a year since I've returned to my current employer. Since coming back, I'm still being asked - 'Why did I return to this place?'

Honestly speaking I have no idea why did I choose to return. I guess I do, but I can't really put my mind to it and give a solid reason as to why.

However all I can say is, since being back, my life has been non-existence. Why do I say such?

Lets start off with time -

On a daily basis, I've been spending most of my time in office from 10am to at least 10pm the least. My life revolves around a laptop, a desk, a chair and perhaps some coffee.

Lost touch with friends - 

I've not been meeting any of my friends lately. I do get texts from many but I've yet to reply or sometimes, I just disappear. Why? The first question that comes from them are - 'When are we catching up?'. To be honest, I would love to catch up but in the end I would have to cancel it due to my work. Do I want to give fake promises and upset them at the end of the day? I would rather not. Thus I chose to be silent and go about my work.

Lack of health awareness - 

So in my previous post, I shared that I quit my gym membership and started boxing to cure my stress and with hopes to be healthier, but who knew that didn't go as planned. I've been away from classes for the past two months while I'm still servicing the membership fee because I can't fxxking terminate it! What asses too be honest. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

There are so much more to be shared but the list will never end.

Here I am finishing some work on a Sunday evening instead of having some good dinner with friends and family.

Am I regretting my decision? Well maybe yes and not. It's a combination of both.

I guess this is what I've got to face and pull through in order to survive. But is it all that important?

Sacrificing my happiness just to chase some unreal dream?

I don't know.


  1. that's okay. real friends understand and you'll never lose us. wishing you well and keep updating this space, pretty please! it's how i'm keeping abreast with you nowadays. lol. i 100% hear you about just drowning in work. know you're not alone. and it doesn't even matter if a 100 years pass, whenever you wanna take a breather— lemme know. (let's go do laundry together! xx)

  2. Working from 10am to 10pm? Not a very healthy life. Sounds like you really need to spend some time in the gym.....just for the stress relief.

    You have to ask, am I happy? Sounds like you're not. So look for other options. or try to negotiate something with your current employer to dial things back.

    Good luck.


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